Beach Essentials for Baby

Summertime is quickly approaching! BBQs, picnics, pool parties, and, for many new moms, baby’s first trip to the beach! For your little baby, the beach represents a brand-new world full of exploration and fun. But for you, tackling baby’s first trip to the beach can be a little bit daunting.
There are a thousand questions going through your head. What do you pack? How do you keep baby safe from the sun? How are you going to keep them entertained? As a new mom, it’s so easy to get caught up on the logistics of your upcoming beach trip.
Don’t worry, Mama, we’ve got your back. We’re going to show you the most important beach essentials for baby, plus this PDF is downloadable! That way, no matter how busy your vacation gets, you’ll still have a handy cheat sheet that you can always refer to.
Once you have these baby beach essentials, all you need to worry about is how many cute pictures to take.


Did you know that your baby can sunburn in only 15 minutes? Yikes! Sunscreen might not be glamorous, but it is one of the most important beach essentials for baby you can buy!
 Your baby’s skin is more sensitive than ours, so their needs are a little more specific. The trick is to find a good sunscreen lotion that will protect your baby’s delicate skin without exposing them to any undesirable chemicals.
When searching for a good sunscreen, look for chemical-free sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide listed as the active ingredients. Zinc oxide is your baby’s best friend because it’ll thoroughly protect their skin without causing adverse reactions.
That’s where Thinkbaby Sunscreen comes in. This sunscreen is mineral-based and Whole Foods Premium Care approved. Meaning, not only will it offer the highest level of UV protection for your baby, but it contains none of the harmful chemicals that might lead to unfortunate allergic reactions.
Plus, it smells great and it’s water-repellant. No need to wrangle your baby down after every dip in the pool!


Whether you’re enjoying a long day at the beach or a pool party, forgetting to bring the swimming diapers can put a serious damper on your water festivities.
A typical new mom mistake (we’ve all done it) is to use a regular diaper for water play. The thing is, regular diapers are designed to absorb every drop of moisture. So, when baby gets wet, their diaper will absorb the water and swell. The result is a bloated diaper that’s useless and very uncomfortable!
Swimming diapers are absorbent enough to capture your baby’s little messes, minus the uncomfortable swelling of regular diapers. Just like your everyday diapers, you can purchase cloth or disposable diapers.
Fabric diapers are great because they are green-friendly and reusable. However, you can expect to run into a few messier situations…
That’s why we love the Pampers Splashers disposable diapers. They’re designed to comfortably seal around your baby’s legs to prevent anything from getting in or out. With a super cute design and high reliability ratings, you really can’t go wrong with them.


When you’re toting around all your baby gear, you’re going to need a momworthy bag capable of holding everything you need. A few marks of a great beach bag include water resistant material, portability, insulated pockets for your cool treats, and plenty of storage for all your beach essentials for baby.
That’s why we love our stroller organizer! We specifically designed it to hold your most important baby gear for whatever adventure you and your little one go on.
The Baby Charm stroller organizer offers a ton of expandable storage, so whether you arrive at the beach totally decked out or with only the bare essentials, you’re
completely covered. You can attach the organizer directly to your stroller (even off-road strollers) or simply sling it over your shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap.
Our stroller organizer also comes with several handy, removable storage
compartments perfect for beach festivities, such as a removable diaper changing pad, insulated cup holders, a small pouch for your IDs, and even a removable mesh bag to store your wet bathing suits!


Playing in the hot, bright sun is fun for a little while, but if you want to make the best of your beach vacation, you’re going to need to provide some shade for baby too.
Babies aren’t able to sweat as efficiently as adults, so it’s essential that you help them cool down in other ways. Umbrellas, stroller canopies, and baby tents are perfect for giving baby the shade they need without halting the beach festivities.
We especially love baby tents. Our favorite baby tent not only provides a place to cool down, but a safe space for baby to play, plus a little privacy if you need to have an
impromptu nursing session.
It’s super simple to setup as well; simply unfold the tent and it pops into place. You can use the included stakes if it’s a particularly windy day, or let it free stand. Once you’re ready to go, just fold it back up and stow it in your stroller organizer or diaper bag.
The perfect baby beach essential for moms-on-the-go
Plus, the tent also has a few features particularly handy for the beach, like curtains for privacy, lightweight, SPF-50 material, and a little mesh window for ventilation.


If a public beach doesn’t offer a vending machine, you don’t want to be stuck with a cranky, dehydrated baby. Many beach-goers lug around a portable cooler, but when you’re the mom of a curious tot, carrying around another bulky item isn’t an option.
That’s where an insulated, spill-proof tumbler and a good ice pack can make all the difference. This combination will keep your baby’s water cool all day, without any unnecessary additions to your cargo.
Our favorite trick is to combine a couple bottles of water in a 28 ounce tumbler and wrap it with this flexible ice mat. The tumbler fits perfectly into the Baby Charm stroller organizer, and thanks to the bag’s insulated fabric, it’ll stay cool all day.
Any ice pack will do, but Penguin’s Icy Cools ice packs are flexible even while frozen, allowing you to curl it around the tumbler or any other yummy treats you decide to pack.


Are you ready for the fun part?
Babies and toddlers can spend hours upon hours just playing with sand! When you throw in some age-appropriate toys, you’ll have a very entertained baby and much more relaxation time for yourself.
The best toys for the beach are inexpensive (because 9 times out of 10 there will be at least one MIA toy by the end of the day!), easy to carry, and encourage play with the sand and water.
If your baby is younger, they’ll be fascinated with little shovels, trowels, buckets, and sand molds. For toddlers, it might be a good idea to buy something a little more stimulating like sand print rollers, dump trucks, or water wheels.
They’ll be fascinated with the different ways water and sand move through the toys and the different shapes they can create.
Any inexpensive beach toy bundle will work, but this particular beach toy set has it all: a water wheel, spout, plenty of molds and tools, plus a mesh bag to keep everything together.


Sometimes the ocean can be a little overwhelming--for baby and mom!
If your baby is too small to ride the waves by themselves, a water carrier can be a total lifesaver! It’ll give baby the confidence they need to experiment with water at their own pace and you will have the security of knowing that they are safe.
Water carriers are pretty similar to a typical cloth baby wrap. Usually it’s made from a breathable, water-resistant mesh that can be tied around an aluminum, rust-resistant ring. Just like a baby wrap, you simply tie the fabric around your shoulders and midriff to create a little sling for your baby to lay in.
We love this particular water wrap because it’s large enough to hold both babies and toddlers. So, no matter how old your baby is, the water will be a much less frightening place when they are safely nuzzled up to you!
A baby’s first trip to the beach should be a time for sunshine, exploration, and plenty of snuggles. For mommy as well as baby! The last thing you want to do is waste time worrying about what you did or didn’t pack.
Finding the right combination of beach essentials for baby might take a little practice, but once you do, beach vacations will be a total breeze. Just try to focus on satisfying these three key needs: keeping baby cool, keeping baby hydrated, and keeping baby entertained.
Just like any outing, a happy baby equals a happy mommy. These baby beach essentials are designed to do exactly that. Combine them with a smart, functional bag like our stroller organizer, and you’ll have the blueprint for the perfect day at the beach.
We hope that by now you’re feeling confident about your upcoming beach trip!
Good luck with your beach trip, Mama. Now go find an adorable swimsuit and make some beautiful memories!

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